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Most recently, artwork has been commissioned by Laingholm Primary School. The brief for this project was to work with a group of students to come up with a painting that would convey the essence of Laingholm Primary. As a unifying

and very important time of the day lunchtime was chosen as a subject. With all its special places and activities quiet spaces and mad running. The Children also designed rockets, four of which were chosen to be painted into the painting.

A fun time was had!

Exhibiting Now…
Open Daily
1:00PM - late
Current works from the 'Departure Lounge' show can be viewed at:
The Kings Arms
Feb 7 2018 onwards





The Kings Arms

59 France Street South

Eden Terrace,


New Zealand

Laingholm Primary Lunchtime (above) 2015, oil on canvas, 1050mm x 900mm
David Mather Painting  2015, oil on canvas,  700mm x 600mm

David Mather Painting 

2015, oil on canvas, 

700mm x 600mm


Commissioned by Waves Trust

as a retirement gift. The brief for this painting was

to celebrate David Mather's dedication to his family by depicting his family members as trees. In the background are his ancestor trees the middle ground shows his children and their partners. His wife Glenys is shown as

a Nikau and David is standing with his eight grandchildren in the foreground. With the nurturing mulch beneath

his feet.


The Iris Project 

2015, oil on board, 

610mm x 600mm


A portrait of Robin Hyde commissioned for the Iris project (poems of Robin Hyde set to music. Used to advertise and market the show.

The Iris Project  2015, oil on board,  610mm x 600mm

Laingholm Primary Lunchtime 

2015, oil on canvas,

1050mm x 900mm

Please get in touch if you would like to commission a painting. 

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